Where investment management is required, there is no one solution for every client. It will depend on client circumstances, risk profile and investment amount.

Discretionary Fund Management

Where circumstances are suitable, we will always outsource investment management to a discretionary investment manager to ensure independence. They actively manage the client’s portfolio in accordance with their specific investment objectives based on our knowledge and understanding of the clients' personal circumstances and risk profile.  

Each investment portfolio profile is constructed by the discretionary manager to combine the expertise of leading external fund managers coupled with stringent monitoring and controls of investment risk and volatility.

They employ a rigorous initial selection and on-going review process employing both quantitative and qualitative analysis. In times of market uncertainty, they seek to move portfolios into defensive positions if required.

Portfolios are constructed, monitored and managed through third party dealing and administration platforms. We agree on a fee with the client to include investment management and do not receive any commissions from the platform. This is consistent with UK best practice following the Retail Distribution Review.


We use an excellent platform where direct discretionary management is not available. This allows either regular or lump sum investments via a Guernsey platform with a variety of investment options managed by a UK regulated investment manager.