How we charge makes us stand out

We use the UK Retail Distribution Review (RDR) model. There are no up-front or annual commissions taken on either the trust or investment products we sell. No underlying commissions are taken on any investment products. This is a very different model to that typically offered by advisers in Asia.

We charge fees fully disclosed and agreed by you prior to completing any business. All fees are shown clearly on the application forms.

Key differences

Traditionally, financial management companies have been transactional-led and up-front commission-driven, meaning that they have significant input in the early stages of product selection and purchase, but have less client contact beyond this point. Our approach is different.

Once any savings or investment application is completed, our main investment proposition concentrates on managing clients’ portfolios. We leave this to the experts and their view is to 'actively' manage portfolios. Unlike the traditional approach, this involves taking an active role in the management of the portfolio, monitoring changes in the global financial markets and ensuring investments continue to meet a client’s objectives. This approach allows us to spend more time ensuring clients are happy and that their investments are working for them.

Our 'active' portfolio clients can expect:

  • Portfolio updates every 3 months
  • Client updates - regular newsletters, giving general, market and product updates
  • Client focus - ensuring we understand and develop a client’s goals and share information according to their investment experience
  • Clear costs - being transparent about fee options and the services clients will receive for their fees